Do you want to be healthier and more energized?

Are you ready to let go of stress in your body and mind?

Are you looking for more ease in your yoga, meditation or tai chi practice?

Do you want to feel more relaxed, balanced and connected to your core?

Are you ready to commit to a practice that will greatly enhance your life?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!20111011_150

Whether you are a new to yoga and Taoist arts (tai chi, qigong), or an experienced practitioner looking for more depth, Taoist Longevity Yoga and Qigong offer immediate results.

“I teach Taoist Longevity Yoga and Qigong because I love to help people develop physical ease, and inner contentment. I believe these practices are the most effective methods for attaining clear, felt awareness of our internal landscape physically, energetically and emotionally. With a track record spanning thousands of years, these ancient Taoist arts are a powerful way to heal the inner world on all levels. It is a delight for me to engage with others in the exploration of Taoist Longevity Yoga & Qigong for gentle, lasting internal health and well-being.” –Katie Keane, Certified Energy Arts Instructor

20111011_138Here’s what we’ve seen…

Students have enjoyed the benefits of these gentle, yet powerful practices. Participants range from those new to any sort of yoga, tai chi, qigong or meditation practice, to experienced meditators and yoga practitioners, as well as those who have been studying Taoist arts for many years.


For those new to yoga and Taoist arts, our approach allows those with any physical limitations – such as inflexibility or injury – to soon feel the healing benefits of gentle poses and easy movements. For beginners in particular, we pay extra attention to using propping and working without strain to get into poses and explore movements.

Long-time practitioners

Experienced yoga practitioners have found the precision and focus on subtle aspects of the body and alignments in Longevity Yoga & Qigong deepen the internal felt sense of body positioning and possibility  of deeper internal awareness in postures. For those already familiar with other Taoist arts, Longevit Yoga & Qigong techniquesare a great way to progress and deepen body/energy alignments, breathing and subtle precision in relaxing postures. Meditators who also practice Longevity Yoga find greater physical ease and the ability to enter into a more productive, stable meditation session.

For more information, or to arrange a workshop or private session call 617-575-YOGA (9642) or e-mail LongevityYoga@gmail.com.