About Katie Keane

20111011_048After Katie was introduced to Iyengar yoga, her experiences of deep relaxation and improved health with yoga practice led to an exploration of  hands-on body therapies.  Katie’s training includes  Zero Balancing, KMI structural integration, myofascial and visceral bodywork. Katie has taught and practiced bodywork in the Boston area since 1997.  She is a certified Zero Balancing practitioner and licensed massage therapist.

Katie is a  student of Master Bruce Frantzis, a Taoist lineage holder and one of America’s foremost experts in Chinese energy arts for health, longevity, meditation and martial arts. She has studied Taoist arts with Mr. Frantzis and his instructors at Brookline Tai Chi since 2003. Katie is a certified instructor of Taoist Longevity Yoga and Energy Gates Chi Gung.

Katie brings a thorough, hands-on understanding of the body to her teaching, using a gentle and relaxed manner to help students feel, release and open internally to reach their fullest potential of health and well-being.