Focus on breathing

As we learn new poses, much attention is on remembering what to do, getting any necessary props situated and getting comfortable. Once in the pose, sometimes we still feel mental distraction from the process of getting there, and usually the breath is affected – it may have stopped altogether, or become more shallow, or it may be that we have lost awareness of what the breath is doing altogether.

alan-japanese-sitting.jpgNo problem – just noticing and gently bringing your attention into your body allows you to feel your breath . Often just noticing your breath with relaxed attention helps it to become more full and deep in the body. And, as you notice what’s happening with your breathing, you can work with relaxing your whole body just a bit more. This greater relaxation allows for fuller breathing in the whole belly, front sides and back.

Focusing on the breath in this way will help you feel more ease in the poses and will allow for a deeper sense of energized and relaxed awareness.