Longevity Breathing Yoga Begins

We’re very excited to launch this new program at Brookline Tai Chi which will complement the tai chi and chi gung we already teach as a quiet breathing and gentle stretching practice. To kick off the course we are hosting our teacher Bruce Frantzis for a weekend workshop on Longevity Breathing Yoga from October 26-28. You don’t have to attend the workshop to start the course, but it’s a great way to immerse yourself in this new practice!

3 thoughts on “Longevity Breathing Yoga Begins

  1. Joel Campbell

    I need some information on taoist meditation, taoist yoga, taoist chi kung and the taoist tradition of energy arts.

    1. katie

      Hi Joel, I’m happy to put you on my mailing list. There is great info on LongevityYoga.com and you can also find us on FB at Taoist Longevity Yoga


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