Start with What’s Easy

You may recognize the BTC mascot in this photo, demonstrating a good attitude for getting into your LB Yoga practice – start with what’s easy.

It’s much more enjoyable and useful to start in your poses with enough propping, whether on the floor or in a chair, and to have what you need close by (props, chairs) to make transitioning from one pose to the next as smooth as possible. This will also allow you to be more relaxed into yourself as you practice.

Once you have the physical basics of each pose, you can play with focusing on one aspect of Tao Yoga as you practice. A good start may be to take one of the principles listed on the prior post and pay attention to this principle as you go. Anoher idea is to choose one area of your body that you will especially pay attention to as you practice, noticing as much as you can about that area through each pose.

Most importantly, it’s best to first stay with what feels easy and enjoyable, then play with the practice from there.