What does it feel like to be aligned?

In Longevity Breathing Yoga we begin most classes going through specific areas of the body to feel and, when necessary, adjust alignments. Getting into alignment is an essential foundation for gaining the most benefit from the yoga postures. Working with someone else to get external feedback about your alignments is very useful, especially for those new to LB Yoga.

But how about when you are on your own…what does it feel like to be aligned?

This is a question that’s interesting to explore. Sometimes it’s helpful to briefly get into an obvious “unaligned” position and notice what you feel – usually there is a noticeable increase in physical discomfort, possibly vivid/agitated sensations in your body or mind, or, conversely, a sense of dullness, numbness or spacing out.

Next, get into a more aligned position based on the alignments we use in class – how does what was previously uncomfortable now feel? What has changed? How has it changed? How do you feel physically? While probably you will feel more comfortable, every individual will have their own experience of being more aligned.

Working with and feeling your alignments is an excellent way to develop a routine for home practice. Even just 10 or 15 minutes a day will help you feel more ease and clarity as you learn and practice the Longevity Breathing Yoga routine.

Bruce Frantzis’ new recording Ancient Songs of the Tao includes a thorough focus on body alignments – another helpful resource is the book Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body (see www.energyarts.com). These are both excellent aids in developing and exploring your own internal sense of alignment.